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Dr. Bola Fathallah Aziz

is a pediatric and neonatology specialist


learning every thing regard dealing with newborn (Feeding ,Sleep Doctor Visits, Safety )

child health and development

ensure your child grow in a perfect physical ,mental ,psychological and social health


make sure that your child has the maximum protection against various diseases

diagnoses and treatment

right diagnoeses and effective treament are always the mian dilemma ,we help you to reach both of them

We specialize in Pediatric Care

We will take care of your child...

our aim is to follow you in your journey with your children , to make sure they grow healthy ,happy and fully protected, to support you in time of need and to ensuer that you have the right medical service all the time .

We Care for you & your Children

introducing food to newborn

introducing food to newborn is one of the most popular proplems that faces all parents .

let us know every thing about introducing food and most popular questions abouit it   

The child begins to eat from 4 to 6 months and not before that under any circumstances, not even to give him water other than the order of his pediatrician  
From 4 to 6 months
👈 Chewing movements begin to appear, and he knows how to bring his hands to his mouth , and the child begins to swallow with the front of his tongue, so try to feed him  at this stage with a spoon.

– Sweets of any kind ❌
Canned vegetables are high in sodium
– Honey, not before a year, can give your child botulism poisoning
–  skim milk after one year , from 2 cups to 3 small cups, not more, in order to preserve the iron and not let it enter into milk anemia

salt and spices ❌

👈 Food: We offer him grains rich in iron, such as brown rice, the first thing because it is less allergenic, then oats, bulgur, and wheat. This is the last thing you offer, such as Cerelac, etc., and because iron is important and he loves vitamin C so that it is absorbed well, give him guava juice, natural orange without sugar.
You can also replace it with well-mashed meat, vegetables, and fruits without spices, salt, or sugar.

👈 No, of course, we introduce one type in a small quantity and wait for 3 to 5 days and see the child’s reaction. I notice any skin sensitivity, trembling, or difficulty breathing. At that time, you must stop this type.

Clinic services

Treating chest infections and allergies .


Treatment of gastrointestinal diseases.

The clinic has a transcutaneous jaundice meter and nebulizer.

Neonatal , growth follow-up and immunization .

Times & Availability


04:00 - 06:00 pm


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Empowering you with Information

Videos on Childcare

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Beyond immunization, march on...

our goal is not to just treat you child , it is to protect him from getting infected in the first place 

Immunization Schedule

protecting your children is our responsility 

Balanced Diet for Children

you children health comes from thier balanced diet , make sure they have a good health 


Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery, Cairo University


Pediatric intensive care physician.


Master's degree in Pediatrics, Cairo University

Dr. Bola Fathallah Aziz

is a pediatric and neonatology specialist

Of experience :

Pediatric and intensive care specialist at Mansheyet El-Bakry General Hospital
Contracted assistant lecturer in pediatric intensive care at Abu Al-Rish University Hospital, Cairo University
Pediatrics and neonatology specialist at Al Karama Hospital in Al Marj
Neonatologist and Pediatrician at Shubra General Hospital “Kitchener”

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