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Thumb sucking in children?

Thumb sucking in children? Thumb sucking is a very common self-soothing behavior for a baby that usually begins in the first year of life And it’s not usually dangerous Children get rid of them as they grow older Usually by the time they start kindergarten You cannot force a child to give up this habit […]

Short stature in children?

Short stature in children? Reasons 👇 Parents are always worried about their children’s height. They begin to compare him with other children of the same age to make sure that they are developing normally. The best way to know the appropriate weight and height for a child according to his age is to follow his […]

Jaundice in newborns

Jaundice in newborns 🤱 Many children after birth notice yellowing of the skin How do we act, what do we do, how do we treat it, and pay attention to the signs of danger 🤔 ✍️ First, there are two types of yellow: physiological jaundice and pathological jaundice ✍️ Physiological jaundice usually appears on the […]

How do you react if your son has an intestinal disorder?

How do you react if your son has an intestinal disorder? Gastroenteritis is one of the most dangerous summer diseases that can affect children Because it can cause dehydration for the child and young children are susceptible to dehydration quickly, which – God forbid – it could cause the death of the child As a […]

Causes of colic in infants?

Causes of colic in infants? There are many possible causes of infant colic Some of them include: 1- Immaturity of the digestive system, as infants may suffer from a delay in the maturation of some parts of the digestive system, which may cause digestive problems such as colic. 2- Food allergies: The infant may be […]

Breastfeeding and its importance

Breastfeeding and its importance I hope all mothers focus on the post well 🤱👇 🌸 Breast milk is a complete food that is always available and not expensive. It is clean, sterilized, warm, and its temperature is controlled, suitable for the child at any time. 👌 It contains all the important elements that the child […]

Bronchitis in children?

Bronchitis in children? It is an infection of the respiratory system with an inflammation of the mucous membranes lining the bronchi, most often viral and in a few cases bacterial. The winter months are the period in which bronchitis occurs the most, and this is due to the activity of viruses that infect the respiratory […]

Iron deficiency in children!

Iron deficiency in children! Your child has poor concentration He has little appetite His academic comprehension is low Cracked most of the time Keep this post for you and you will benefit a lot from it 👇👇 You must know that all children are supposed to take a preventive dose of iron 3 months of […]

Bloody birthmark?

Bloody birthmark? What is a blood birthmark? Bloody birthmarks are benign blood tumors that appear in children at birth. Bloody birthmarks appear on the face, back, and chest as well. What are the causes of the appearance of a bloody birthmark? Blood birthmarks appear as a result of an increase in a group of blood […]

The active child loves hugs very much.

The active child loves hugs very much. very kind Hug him a lot Excessive jumping and movement as a result of internal feelings that he is unable to express. A child who moves a lot is neither sick nor abnormal. Rather, he has great intelligence and pretends not to concentrate. Involve him in household tasks… […]